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"Robodex" - In Progress


I am going to be converting 

Pokémon into bots. This will be a fun project but will take  years to get through all 905. I also plan on doing the forms. This is fuel to reuse my matt scraps and my sharpies.




Star Wars

Samdo, with his daughter LG,  and Nick Vanth cruise down the dunes of Tatooine. Jake the massiff can run fast enough to keep up with the speeders. The suns are setting and these two need to get to Free Town before night falls. Hopefully Cad Bane isn't waiting for them.


December 2021

"The Final Lap"

Mario Kart 

It is the final lap and Princess Tom is in first. He traded in his boom box for a beer. Grave mistake. Dry Nick is right behind him but is feeling woozy from the powerups. It is down to the Blue Shell and banana to determine this race.


December 2021

"Troll Defeat" 

Harry Potter

There’s a troll in the dungeon! Drawn from the pages of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” this troll has been knocked on the head and is about to pass out. I grew up reading the Harry Potter Books as most people my age did. I went to the midnight releases at Borders from Book 5 on.


May 2020

"Let’s Hear it for the Droids" 

Star Wars

R2D2 celebrates the perceived end of the war on the forest moon of Endor. R5D4 sadly remains with the Jawas due to a bad motivator. There is a story that R5D4 is a force sensitive droid and knew of Luke's destiny blowing up its motivator on purpose so that Luke would choose R2D2 instead. R2Q5 is on the Death Star II, for now at least.


May 2020

"The Child’s Tantrum"

Star Wars

What if Grogu (The Child) ends up evil? He uses Sith lightning to collect all the frogs he wants to eat. The Mandolorian defends the ship and Grogu from a Tie Fighter. They must escape this wretched planet before more arrive.


April 2020

"Sneaky Venusaur"


Mother Venusaur protects her sleeping baby Bulbasaur. The Pidgey is after the rare candies. The Digletts and Alolan Digletts watch in awe as Ivysaur lobs

explosive Voltorbs at a Pidgey nest. Hopefully there are no Pidgeots around.


April 2020



This is myself as a T800 with my false skin ripping off from Terminator 2. I modeled the font and aesthetic after the poster of Terminator 1. This was drawn to as a placeholder during my breaks when doing timelapse videos. I realized after the first timelapse video that even minutes of this sign may not amount to any frames of video once sped up so it ended up being unused.


February 2020

"Max & Penelope"

Ren & Stimpy

"Penelope, look at this stick I found," Max says excitedly. "Max, you idiot. Everyday it's another stick with you!" Penelope whines. "Well, Penelope, we are dogs. Is that... Seannny? Seany old boy! I thought I lost you forever," Max replied. "I found him floating around the garden. You know, Max, that is a good stick after all. I'll trade you buddy," Penelope acknowledges. End.


July 2019

"Paul's Team"


Paul's Pokémon Firered team has a personality. Beedrill floats around ready for a battle. Kangaskhan takes a quick nap. Do not play the Pokéflute near her. Vileplume is just insane. Beware. Aerodactyl steals Machamps bathing suit top because he is a jerk. Mr. Mime does not want to be bothered. All together they form team Paul.


February 2018

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