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Stages of Nick


I used to draw a lot growing up. I have gone through a lot of trauma multiple times in my life. It kept me from the pencil for years after high school but now I channel it into positive energy to fuel my desire to create. I draw expressive, cartoonish, goofy, detailed, and colorful artwork.


I had a lot of influences within and outside of the family. My mother and older sister are artists and have hyper detailed work. My Uncle Chris is also artistic and I would be enamored with whatever he drew or videogames he worked on growing up. Outside of the family, I am influenced by Jim Lee’s insanely detailed comic book art, Robert Crumb’s satirical and full pages, and Matt Groening’s cartoonish style. I switch between digital (mainly for beer labels) and hand drawn using micron pens and Tombow ABT Pro alcohol markers. I add texture occasionally with colored pencils and do touch up work or detailing using posca paint pens. I like to fill the page and use many colors to organize the chaos that are my ideas. I want someone to always notice something new every time they view my work.

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