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"W33K3ND 4T T0MMY'5"

T0MMY and N1CK are deep in conversation as Mot and Kin play some Mario Kart. Mot is winning as usual. I used mostly Posca paint pens to draw this. It was a different experience than my usual digital or paper. I am interested in doing some more Skateboards!

June 2021

"King Kahlua"

Kalhua was a big, loveable, sweet, & goofy chocolate lab that grew up with Amanda's family. He loved to chase deflated basketballs and we used to through them like a frisbee. I remember when he was a puppy happy to be in his new home trying to chew the bricks on the harth. Our dog Jake got to meet and love his Uncle Kalhlua and I am so grateful for that. I miss you Baba GhanoushThis and "Kelsey" were especially tough designs to get through. Screenprint by Amanda!

Drawn: February 2021

Screenprint: December 2021


Kelsey was our dog growing up. My dad rescued her from a neglectful owner when he saw her in a car when she was little. I do not remember childhood without her. She was one of my friends. We were the same age in human years. She was the best girl. I wish Jake got to meet her. This nearly broke me to draw but I am so glad I did. I miss and love her! Screenprint by Amanda!

December 2021


Metal silhouettes and Ziggy's lightning adorn this flowery design. This reflects my mother's love for David Bowie and has silhouettes of her metal sculpture. Screenprint by Amanda!

Wanderingmind Studios Instagram


December 2020

"Electric Sun"

The voltage rises and heats this sun. Mini tesla towers form the center of the sun. This was the original design for my mother's shirt but I decided to table it and start from scratch.


December 2020

"Rocco’s Ranch"

Welcome to Rocco's Ranch. My father the sheriff will vacuum and spray crime away. This design includes my parent's dog Rocco as my father's trusty steed and is based on westerns because my dad loves them. Screenprint by Amanda!


December 2020

"Adventures of Slim Jim"

Sean skates around his own shirt looking for the last Slim Jim. Jasper, Max, Penelope, and Kitty watch him from the center. Screenprint by Amanda!


December 2020


My sister and I used to watch "My Neighbor Totoro" by Miyazaki a lot as kids. I decided to draw her design in that style and include all her pets. From left to right we have Jasper, Max, Penolope, and Kitty. Dolly is floating above. Screenprint by Amanda!


December 2020


Todd loves food so I made an explosion of junk food for his design. Fries surround soda spiraling behind hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and into a burger. Screenprint by Amanda!

Timelapse on YouTube


December 2020

"Beautiful Murder"

I asked my sister for ideas for gifts and she said she wanted anything for plants or birds. I took that and decided to draw a crow tree. Screenprint by Amanda!

Timelapse on YouTube

December 2020

"Nick Alexander Art"

This is the progression of my business card design. 


September 2020

"Nick's Fix"

I had a handyman business for a year. I decided to stop because a few people in my life needed me for projects on their homes and I did not have the free time like I did in 2016 to be doing the freebies as well as the paid gigs. I enjoyed doing it while I was active but ultimately decided not to go back to it. That is not to say I do not still do projects for people when called upon. This is a logo I designed to use on my business cards and clothing. 


April 2016

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