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Spark of Chaos



This is a combination of past and future ideas. The wave starts in the center with some creatures and emanates multiple waves. The Little Demons party in the first wave. Wave 2 consists of a bunch of Reptaliens flying around space on their crystal rides. A few of these Reptaliens made their way onto a can at To Share Brewing. The third wave is a lot of my favorite things from our world including dragonflies, blue jays, and cardinals. Dark Fantasy takes over the fourth wave. The Bots electrify wave 5. Wave 6 is pixelated and one of the ideas I would like to do more work of. A Psycho Circus has invaded the seventh wave leaving the final wave a gnome's Black Light party.

Pen and Ink, Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Marker, Posca Paint Pens [18" x 24"]

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