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Double Take



I created a ring of sequels of each drawing I have hung at Mosaic over their first year. The bots have evolved yet the love between them remains the same. The little demons combine into one and give me a haircut. My dad rides around Rocco's Ranch. Pyrocat has captured and prepped the chicken in the toxic waters. The chimera born from chaos enjoys some rock and roll. Master hand has been defeated. The video game characters surf around and keep the fun going. The Guinness bird has eaten a lot of breakfast and evolved into its next form. One of the mothers from "We Will Return" welcomes the return of her child. In the center my form from "Visibly Me" is banging on the drums. This was extremely fun to do and may have to be a yearly tradition going forward.

Pen and Ink, Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Marker, Posca Paint Pens [18" x 24"]

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