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Visibly Me



This is visibly me and all of my layers drawn for the "Layers of Identity" show at Mosaic Art Collective in partner with Queerlective. At the center of it all is my trauma demon hugging me. It is always there and a part of me. I always have headphones on when at home. I listen to music, books, and podcasts when doing anything around the house. My favorite band is Gojira and, while I do not have this sweatshirt anymore, this sweatshirt was always my favorite. I am throwing away my corporate identity as I do not associate my outer appearance with my inner identity. My layers are as follows:

Layer 1 [Husband & Dog Dad]: Amanda and Jake make up this layer.
Layer 2 [Friend]: This layer mostly represents my best friend's Sam and Tom.
Layer 3 [Son, Brother, Grandson, Cousin]: I filled this layer with items to represent all sides of the family.
Layer4 [Artist]: This layer showcases my art supplies, sketches, and some framed pieces.
Layer 5 [Musician]: My instruments are shown here.
Layer 6 [Cook]: My other instruments and some Italian food make up this layer.
Layer 7 [Movie Fanatic]: Blockbuster informed a lot of this layer
Layer 8 [Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL)]: This layer is a bunch of LEGO.
Layer 9 [Poké Maniac]: I am a huge fan of Pokémon and have caught 'em all.

Pen and Ink, Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Marker, Posca Paint Pens [17“ x 14“]

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