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Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery

November 1, 2023

November 26, 2023

136 State St Portsmouth, NH

The NHAA is having a show about mental health awareness. I chose to submit two of my drawings that deal with sleep paralysis. “Prednisone Paralysis” was awarded an honorable mention!

“Paralyzed By Screams” - After working 7 days a week between 2 jobs I woke up from a nap and I couldn’t move or speak. The light I could see started forming into a blob. All I could hear was high pitch screaming and all I could do was wait.

“Prednisone Paralysis” - The first day of weeding this year led to my first case of Poison Ivy in 33 years. The prednisone kept it from spreading but it also kept me awake every night which slowly broke my brain and led to a sleep paralysis experience. I felt as if I were being pulled down into my bed while hearing whispers of a demon.

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