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Dane's Dream



I was commisioned to draw this for Dane's birthday and include all of his favorite things:

1. Orange parking cones
2. Our pets (4 dogs and 3 cats)
3. Bees (he's a beekeeper)

The Dogs:
Ruth: Alpha, she flies high to catch frisbees
Boaz: Obsessed with Dane
Purple: Absolute angel. Loves everyone.
Minerva: False Alpha, wants to kill Ruth

The Cats:
Sugar: Tribe elder, overweight, lays around
Jonesy: Very cool dude. "Big Cat" vibes.
Vicky: New kitten. Sweet and sour

Pen and Ink, Tombow Dual Brush Watercolor Pens, Neon Sharpies, Posca Paint Pens [18“ x 24“]

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