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“No One Can Hear You Ice Cream in Space”

You leave the ship for mint chocolate chip. Volco better hurry up before the solar flares melt his treat. You can find 4M4ND4 and J4K3's ship flying in the background. 


July 2020

“Showdown at the Factory”

The Choco factory is under attack! Salty Stan is coming to destroy Steely Snail’s cookie factory. Steely Snail's iron defenses will help deflect the salt crystals of doom. Can he save the cookies from certain destruction?  This is one of several doodle fixes.


May 2020 


Lions, robots, and bears, oh yes! This is a circus act gone wrong. This chimera of a lion and bear has been scarred to the point of needing cybernetics and now its better than ever. Cybear can now use his laser eye to calculate his projectile to jump perfectly through hoops without being burnt ever again. We are all just bots jumping through hoops. This is one of several doodle fixes.


May 2020


Monkeybot likes to hang out with its pet catclock and absorb ALL the TV. It is constantly changing between cable, streaming services, and internet videos. There is a lot of content out there. Pick and choose, don't be like Monkeybot. This is one of several doodle fixes.


March 2020

“More Scraps”

H4WK is taking over the city. The city is similar to the cities found in "Crow Master" & "I Have an Idea." This was drawn on scrap paper and is one of my first timelapses.


February 2020

“Electric Morning”

T163R wakes up, tosses his fuzzy pink robe on, grabs the paper, and enjoys his breakfast. There is a worm in his circuits causing them to electrify and his laser eye to activate. Maybe "Pigeon Glasses" will come get this early worm.


February 2020

“Three Travelers”

Three travelers floating along through space in their mechsuits, waking up the planets and moons. This was my first attempt at Jack Kirby dots.


November 2019

Robo Mug

I made this mug of my sister Britt, her husband Sean, and their pets Max, Penelope, Jasper, and Kitty as robots.

This may be due for an upgrade soon.


December 2018

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