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"Return of Hypnoclown"

Hypnoclown was secretly pulling the strings of the "Clown Rebellion" from another dimension. Once enough clowns amassed, he used his power to open a portal into this realm. Do not stare into his eyes. You will be lost forever. Damned to be another clown under his control.


 June 2021



Many Mebo's make up the cells in a clown's body. When too many mebos enter the bloodstream it sends you into an endless hole of anxiety. This may be my smallest drawing yet.


May 2020


"Revenge of the Octoclown"

Octoclown got left behind during the "Clown Rebellion" and now he is out for revenge. Elephaclown has not forgotten and accepts his atonement. Rexclown is afraid of everything and yells in a high pitched roar just out of surprise from a honk. Miniclown hides in Starclowns pocket waiting for the madness to end. Octoclown will not stop until every clown pays for leaving him in the dunk tank. The sad part is, Octoclown wanted to rebel too.


February 2020



Bobo is not a very nice clown. Bobo gave up after the "Clown Rebellion" and started to let himself go. He harbors anger at the circus industry. He always wanted to be a trapeze artist but the circus owners injected him with a bunch of mebos and transformed him. It is rumored that Bobo himself started the rebellion.


 January 2020


"What is That?"

The mice are having fun messing with Elephaclown's cousin Phantro. They set up a computer mouse to trick Phantro and it worked. The peanut flew out and knocked over the ring of fire that was set up for the acrobats. The clowns used this opportunity to march out in "Clown Rebellion." Even such small creatures can make a difference.


November 2019


"Clowning Around" (Partial)

The mebos running through these clowns veins have really taken a toll. They are starting to go crazy after the "Clown Rebellion" and do not know how to live their lives as clowns outside a circus. They are just clowning around until they figure it out. 


August 2019


This is what happens when too many mebos enter the bloodstream. You will get sent into an endless hole of staring and laughter. The focus is solely on you as you fall. Eventually you'll dissipate into a spirit and join the hole for the next "Mebo" victim.


Art Montage on YouTube

June 2019


"Clown Rebellion"

The clowns and elephants finally have their chance to rebel thanks to the fire Phantro accidentally started. Chuckles leads the brigade away from the circus. Hopefully they remembered everybody. 


Art Montage on YouTube

May 2019


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