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Darthas Hellyard



Kin, Ja, Nes, and Tirb wait for Kin Sr to finish pulling Haras across the lava lake. Kin sparks a flint call to Zil and Dot to tell them that he misses them. The trees from "Cavern of Screams" go through a growth cycle that can be seen in the background. They start out growing in a row then sprout eyes and become mobile. Some are used to craft lava-proof canoes. When two or more spot each other they group together and form a cluster that eventual hardens into a home for the Little Demons. Can Kin, Ja, Nes, and Tirb get across before night falls and the bats come out to feast?

Pen and Ink, Tombo ABT Pro Alcohol Marker, Posca Paint Pens [12“ x 16“]

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