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"Jim's Saturday"

Jim is flying around in an outfit based on his favorite things. He is fighting his least favorite things. Can you spot them all?


Favorite things: chicken, gravy, the color orange, Aussies (dogs in general), giraffes, The Simpsons, music, Reese’s, scratch tickets, Red Bull, swimming, sparkly things, and Jameson 

Least favorite things: peppers, onions, salad, spiders, and snakes

Art Montage on YouTube

August 2020

"Crow Master"

Crow Master soars above Demonzio City. He summons his crows to teach two crooks that were throwing bricks off a skyscraper a lesson. Demonzio City residents are thankful for their protector Crow Master.


Art Montage on YouTube

July 2020

"João in Space"

João loves Halloween and dressed as a zombie spaceman one year. After making a "Citizen's Arrest" he floats happily as a zombie and enjoys the sights that space brings. João eventually journey's to hell and takes his throne in the underworld next to Señior Caw. That drawing can be found in Dark fantasy.


May 2020

"Pat Is 30!"

Pat enjoys a "Weirdomaker" from the future while puffing on a CBD preroll  wearing his favorite sweatshirt. I drew this while Pat, Jon, and I were on a video call for Pat's 30th birthday. 

May 2020

"Solo Disco"

There is no disco until the roller rink closes. After spending a day bowling and working at Jake's bowling alley, I lock the doors and throw on the disco ball. The public can never know how much I love disco. The sign is just a big ruse. This is one of several doodle fixes.


March 2020

"I Have an Idea"

The gears keep turning and time keeps moving along. Only you and the two little beings in your chest can control your future. This is a rework of drawing I was not loving the trajectory of. I had an idea and changed this drawing's future. I modeled one of the buildings off my first Gameboy color.


February 2020


Sam's evil nemesis MAS wakes up an anvil with his super strength kick. He loves Star Trek and his big cat. I referenced this lettering when creating the "Weirdowmaker" label. That label can be found on the Events & Triumphs page.


February 2020


Monster versions of Sam, Charlie, and I go about our day after Sam gets a word of the day calendar. Charlie reaches his breaking point and knocks us out. Monster Paul comes in at the end to find the calendar to keep for his own. Charlie cannot escape it. I drew this for a show at Atac160 Gallery in Framingham, MA. The show was up from  January 23, 2020, to February 15, 2020. More on this show can be seen on my Events & Triumphs page.


Atac160 Gallery Website

Atac160 Gallery Instagram


December 2019

"Self Portrait"

Nurtle the turtle is just minding his own business and enjoying the river. Nurtle is oblivious to all the goings on behind him and Croaky is about to ruin his day. Amanda has deemed me a turtle ever since I can remember.


November 2019

"Lactose Intolerant"

Creaturesdemons, and aliens get to enjoy some ice cream while I am forced to eat a salad by the very ice cream they are after. I found out I was lactose intolerant in my mid-twenties. This is an image of how I felt after that discovery.


November 2019

"The Last Braincell"

Just when I think my last braincell is gone, another disappears. My braincell has one last hope as I reach for the block to start learning again. Little does it know I will never learn. All of my Black Light drawings are done with sharpies and this is how I feel after finishing each one.


August 2019

"Todd’s Music Mischief"

I had the pleasure of seeing Todd play at Monstercade Bar in Winston-Salem, NC. He is a mad scientist when it comes to looping instruments and creating a full range of sound. I sketched this that night when we got back to Liz and Todd's house.


Art Montage on YouTube

Todd Performing on YouTube


July 2019

"Sunday River Speech"

My father gives a speech at Britt and Sean's wedding at Sunday River. His cannoli and cranberry, seltzer, and lime await him. This drawing took two attempts. I was not satisfied with the results of the first face so I redrew the body and sketched out the face to be more accurate. I drew the background as a separate sketch and combined the two together. 


February 2019

"Memes with Friends"

It's winter. Sam's pellet stove is cranked up and we are watching some interesting meme videos that Sam put on. The confusion has taken over Charlie and I as Sam and Paul laugh the night away. Sam's cat watches us in amusement. It is always great to spend a night with some friends.


February 2019


He's dandy, he's randy, all is fine and dandy, don't call him Eddie because her name is CANDY. Eddie dawns a red sequin dress and a blond bob wig while enjoying a caramel apple. 


February 2019

"Citizen’s Arrest"

Stop in the name of João! A shoplifter escapes with an expensive LEGO set and João leaps into action. Running after the thief with his pens jingling in his apron pockets, he will stop at nothing until he recovers the stolen set. I first met João when working at LEGO in the Natick Mall. We bonded over Metal music and, well, LEGO — and became fast friends. 


Art Montage on YouTube

January 2019

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