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"Paralyzed By Screams"

This drawing is based off one of my worst experiences with sleep paralysis. I woke up from an unintended nap with the lights on after working two jobs for a while. I couldn’t move or speak and the light i could see started forming into a blob. All I could hear was high pitch screaming and all I could do was wait.


September 2022

"João, King of the Underworld"

João sits atop his throne with his outdoor pet Señior Caw. He has an evil LEGO brick zipper on his Jacket. His staff is ignited and reanimating all of the souls from the well. The well of souls has evolved over time and you may notice it in some other drawings in this section. 


Art Montage On YouTube

February 2021


Carla floats around the soul plain with a blank mind and no direction. Recently deceased, she has no guide and no idea where to go. Wandering spirits eventually find their way. This is one of several doodle fixes.


May 2020

"The Guide"

Follow the guide and he'll navigate you between dimensions. The vibrational difference between worlds can only be seen by few. Little Wiz was born with a gift and he would like to share it. This drawing is one of several doodle fixes.


May 2020

"The Collector"

The Collector hunts for more pieces for his crown. He thinks he can just take whatever he wants from the demon field. He is learning demons will fight back when being plucked from their slumber.


May 2020

"Stern Vern"

Spliced together at birth, Varny and Earnie adopt the name Vern. Forced to be levelheaded through the desire to survive and the serious nature of this chimera has granted them the nickname “Stern Vern.” This is one of several doodle fixes.

April 2020


Souls cling to this demon due to the static nature of its hair. She wanders around aimlessly until finding another soul to steal. This is one of several doodle fixes.


March 2020


Zippy is always running. Once a direction is picked, Zippy can only turn by kicking off of whatever it hits. Being fast is a nice gift when dodging lava crocs. This is one of several doodle fixes.


March 2020

"Escaping Fate"

The skulls begin to wake up as a fire sparks. The smoke provides a brief distraction for a soul to escape but the well of souls’ keeper makes sure no one escapes fate. 


March 2020

"Circle of Life"

Life begins at the top. The struggle starts as soon as life begins. Snake demons chase the little babies and feast. They can tend to be gluttonous and will roll off the cliff after indulging too much. The worms feast on the decay and provide soft soil for the birthing grounds of the pulpous monsters. Where there is death there is rebirth and the cycle continues. That is the circle of life.


January 2020

"Halloween Fun"

The Haunted mansion houses some interesting creatures. Pudge the ghost flies high this Halloween. Archna sits upon the web attached to Jack-O and the harvest tree. Nickle the turtle hears little wiz running toward them. Amanda and I had some fun playing with modeling clay on Halloween and I decided to draw our creations.


October 2019

"Body Swap"

Half man, half spider, half spider, half man, they’re doing the best they can. They fend off the Milleye creature. Tree demons from "Cavern of Screams" can be seen growing on top of the volcanic landscape. Another Milleye creature spots them and screeches to ward them off. These ugly creatures need to learn to get along.


September 2019

"Grave Decisions"

Jack-O drains his body of all the rotten pumpkin guts. He will soon just be a head. The sorcerer can use this juice so Jack-O fills the cauldron. Little Demo begs him to stop. Jack-O has been Demo's best friend for years. Demo is still too young to understand the sacrifice. When Demo is old enough he will understand and maybe dawn Jack-O's crazy outfit. 


August 2019


One of the well of souls' protectors is being reanimated to enact  their duties. The minions of the sorcerer use a mystical blue flame to light the reanimation candle. The soul gets sucked out of the well and ignites within the protector. The protector must station themself in the well and be prepared for anything.


August 2019

"Fairy Rock"

Fairies sunbath with some of my favorite bugs. After my friend saw a lot of my Dark Fantasy drawings, he asked where all the “tits and fairies” were. Here they are Charlie. Are you happy now?


May 2019

"Mystic Madness"

You can teach an old sorcerer new tricks. This sorcerer is learning some reanimation techniques to teach his minions to use in “Reanimator.” The book of the damned proves useful. There are many unnatural spells for this sorcerer to learn.


April 2019

"Cavern of Screams"

A foolish traveler enters an ancient cavern. Beware the tree demon and booby traps when trying to steal the original staff of the sorcerer from “Mystic Madness.”


Art Montage on YouTube

April 2019

"Turmoil in the Lava Den"

A sneaky predator starts a fire as a diversion just to get a late night snack. In all the chaos the Mother escapes with some of her children. It is a sad day for the dinos, but hey, that's the circle of life.


February 2019

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