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Hello, everybody! As stated on my home page, I am a mostly self-taught artist based in Manchester, NH. I started to learn how to draw with Ed Emberley drawing books when I was really little. I was obsessed with drawing everything in them. I even wrote him a few times. You can see his response letter on my Events & Triumphs page. My mother and her friend Laura Williams had a studio in Holliston, MA, at the Holliston Mill and I used to go there and sit and draw while they worked. I took art classes when I got a little older at the Woodshed Gallery in Franklin, MA. Laura then started her own art school called Kreative Kids and I switched to taking classes from her which was super fun. She was really funny and a family friend. I felt more comfortable being myself in that class. I stopped taking art classes in 9th grade until finally taking some in high school at Hopedale Jr. Sr. High. My drawing ended there. I do not know why I stopped or what prevented me from drawing. I guess I got busy with college and then life. When life started to slow down again and I started to fall back into who I really was I started drawing again. It took me 10 years to pick it back up. I am glad I did.


When I picked it back up I started with what I knew. I had colored pencils and a pen to outline. I started introducing sharpies and liked the results a little better. But I still wanted more flexibility. I found my medium with the Tombow Dual Brush Pens and have moved on to the Tombow ABT Pros. These allowed me to blend and saturate the color like I haven't been able to with the previous pens and pencils. I started using different line weights thanks to my friend João's suggestion. If I do not know how to draw a certain thing I have some reference books or I will watch drawing videos on YouTube. Chipping away what I cannot do and drawing at least every week has slowly grown my art abilities. Check out my Gallery to see the progression of my work and the range of what I draw. 


I showed in my first gallery as an adult at Atac160 Gallery in Framingham, MA. I then showed at To Share Brewing in Manchester, NH. That was a very good experience. The owners are super nice and the beer is delicious.  Ryan from Widowmaker Brewing contacted me after seeing "Factory Freakout" which can be seen on The Bots page and had me do a beer label in March 2022. I am about to work on my 12th can for them and have a few designs out there for a local brewery in Manchester, NH. More to come on that soon. I have also done some merch for Widowmaker which can all be found on my Commissions page.


I have plans for the future and hope to keep growing. These plans include a graphic novel based on the harder parts of my life growing up, told in a light and fun way. It may get dark from time to time. I have a few animation Ideas and would like to try my hand in voicing some different characters. I have a history of making videos, whether it be in high school with my friends or making a goofy 30th video for my buddy Sam, so I have no problem being able to edit and produce my own content. I also play music and write little tunes to go along with my time lapses. You will only find one on my YouTube page at the moment. I want to revamp my old ones and release some of the new ones that have not been seen yet. 2021 will be a very busy year for me! Bring it on! 

Spring 1997

As stated on my home page I learned to draw from Ed Emberley books. I wrote him once and actually got a response. This as a kid was like getting a letter from Santa himself or something. I just recently learned the letter back was framed and at my parent's house. It now hangs in our art room.

Ed Emberley's Facebook

Day in the Park

This is a kids gallery that was at Day in the Park in my hometown of Hopedale, MA. I remember getting a check for placing and being amazed that I could get paid for something I drew. 

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