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"Bob Malone"

The keyboard wizard Bob Malone played  an Event at Hopkinton Center for the Arts and my mother, being The Director of Visual Arts, had me draw him as a thank you for his performance. He has played for John Fogerty, Ringo Starr, and Avril Lavigne! The students also drew some pictures based on his songs as part of his thank you package.

Bob Malone Website

Bob Malone Instagram

December 2021

"Brittany Brooks Grooming"

I colorized and combined "Brotoro" with elements of "Adventures of Slim Jim" to create a business card for my sister. She is an excellent dog groomer!


Brit Brooks Grooming Instagram

January 2021

"Sunset Over Troubled Waters"

Welcome to Mythic Beach! This is a drawing I did for my mom's coworkers that combined their favorite things:

Kris - swimming underwater

Sandee - walking on a trail on a sunny day

Caitlin - the ocean

Mary-Beth - coffee ice cream

Dayle - dogs or whiskers on kittens

Jenn - looking out at the water at sunset

Kelly - the ocean

Hannah - whales

Art Montage on YouTube

August 2019

"The Brit Brooks Grooming Experience"

My sister asked me to design a logo for her grooming. She was inspired by Dolly Parton.


May 2019

"Tea Party"

This is an amalgamation of my mom’s students' favorite things. They asked for me to include:

King George III


Praying Mantis






May 2019

Art Montage on YouTube

"Spoonful of Sugar"

My sister's friend Heatha asked me to draw this for her. Mary Poppins walks around as a minifigure with tattoos and her signature umbrella. 


January 2019

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