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"Lava Lookie-Lou"

Lou is curious what this floating lava is. He is used to lavafalls and lava pools where the little demons hang out. What is this blobby floaty lava? Lou ponders if he wants to drink this liquid lava or let it be. For now, Lou is content to just watch the floating blobs while he thinks of what to do.


March 2022


J4CK confusingly wakes up from a nap and springs into the light. Stuck in a loop of hypnotic confusion, J4CK smiles. The feeling is new. Being alone in a box for so long, J4CK  welcomes the bright craziness. There is no one around to put J4CK back in the box. This brings J4CK joy.


March 2022


Volcan chirps and bawks as it sits perched high up in the canopy. Its beady little eyes watch vigilantly as the other forest creatures scatter. This is the first painting I have done in a long time. "Volcan" was born on a night painting with close friends.


September 2021

"Catagon's Treasure"

Catagon electrifies the sunset while guarding its treasure. Catagon will send out a magnetic wave to attract the metallic valuables of the kingdom. The jewels are collected off of unaware weary travelers that come across this beast on the mountaintop. 


July 2021

"Turtle Chase"

Tortalia is swimming fast to chase a snack. She makes bubbles in her wake as she closes in. This will only satisfy a craving for so long.


July 2020

"Energy Exchange"

Absorb the positive energy and let go of the negative energy. Focus on the light and let go of the darkness. Cleanse your soul. This drawing feels a little personal for me as this is in the forefront of my mind on a daily basis.


May 2020

"Jim Jr"

Jim from "Jim's Saturday" loves giraffes and fried chicken. This is Jim Jr. He is a giraffe who loves fried chicken too. I drew this on a Sunday morning when Jim was over and it now lives at his place.


April 2020

"Cruisin' Jake"

Slobbering Jake is cruising along with his tongue flapping in the wind. Sunglasses never fit a dog right yet he still sports them well. Jake is one cool pup.


April 2020

"Love Letters"

The monster brigade has come to wish Amanda a Happy 30th. This is a collection of the letters and numbers that I could finish by Amanda's 30th Birthday. I intended to have "Birthday" as well but was running against the clock. "Happy 30th" works just fine regardless. 


April 2020

"Home Glown Pineapple"

Ahhh the mystical pineapple. The glow of this one provides a warmth for the soul. Radiating positive vibes as it shines on, this is one funky pineapple. Try not to get distracted and get sucked into the wormhole below it.


April 2020

"Stuffed French Toast"

Strawberries combine into a delicious sauce to cover this stuffed French toast. The bacon flies down to join it. You better eat it quick before someone else does. 


April 2020


Autumn hearts rain on this eternal love. I am somewhat of a romantic. Amanda and I have been together since we were 14. Our favorite season is fall and I see our love everlasting.


February 2020

"Worm Vision"

The fuzzy worms in the woods of Western Massachusetts covered the grounds at Wormtown Music Festival. I thought they were kind of cute and sketched one while we were camping at the festival. The woods house some other creatures of the night.


October 2019

"Wormie Chase"

Jim, Cassia, Amanda, and I are escaping the big cat of the night. We just need to keep running. This was drawn after yet finished before "Worm Vision." The worm theme continues.


October 2019

"Hot Penguin Fire"

Hot tamale that penguin is on fire. One bite of the Chili and flames escape rapidly and cook the birds flying by. Patrick Starr flies by on a magic carpet. He better watch out and not get too close otherwise he will be a burnt Krabby Patty. The tornado demon is hungry for the spoils of this penguin's mistake.


February 2019


Bee careful of these crazy gnomes. They roam around with their tiny axes and chop down the mushrooms on the forest floor. If you get too close, you may lose a toe.


February 2019

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